Swan Street,


Silvernorth Services Ltd.

This proposed mixed–use development presents a major new landmark building for not only the Northern Quarter of Manchester but also the wider city acting as a nodal point in the urban topography.

The development consists of 2 storeys of retail space as well as a doctors surgery on ground and first floors. These levels of the development occupy the whole site re-building the street block that has existed for over two hundred years and allowing the building to fully address the surrounding streets. Above this are three residential towers at 8, 12 and 20 storeys that spiral up from the more domestically scaled lower levels to 22 storeys and almost 75 metres in height addressing and acknowledging the height of the CIS tower to the west.

Conceptually the scheme is conceived as a completely new urban block, and as an individual building, however the scheme also reinforces the need to address the immediate locality as well as the city beyond. This desire has led to the incorporation of the ‘street wall’ with the form and massing of the building being a response to, and product of, the sites context From this, the building can be primarily perceived as four distinct elements; plinth and towers.

The street wall aims to dimish the impact and verticality of the three towers and introduce an element of the design that relates to, and creates a scale dialogue with, the schemes immediate surroundings. The street wall creates a clear and
solid foundation for the towers that rise above while maintaining the scale of the existing street perspective allowing the existing 3 and 4 storey street façade to be maintained, re-establishing the street line that presently exists.