Lytham St. Annes


Private Client

Apart from defining a physical amount, and quality of accommodation, our client was seeking a flexible, open arrangement to the primary living areas. The new dwelling is essentially L-shaped in plan and extends to the full width of the site. An entrance courtyard is so defined to the north, whilst the south facing garden retains its privacy.

To deconstruct the concept of the dwelling, lightweight elevations of glass and cedar-cladding are contained within a three storey brick frame. (The columns have structural steelwork within, whilst the beams are reinforced brickwork). To the north and Clifton Drive, this lightweight layer is set to the front of the frame, whilst to the south and the sea, the glazed screens are recessed to afford solar shading and extensive external terraces.

Pitched roofs clad in Rheinzink shingles seemingly float over the brick frame offer a legibility as to the bedroom arrangement, and represent a contextual response to the quality of the conservation area.

The entrance hall is intended as a semi-private space from which the organisational arrangement of the dwelling may be understood. It is the only space on the ground floor (containing a games room, study and gym) which penetrates from courtyard to private garden. It rises through the three storeys passing through, and engaging with, the piano nobile level of open day time accommodation. Finishes become softer as one progresses to the more private bedroom level. A glazed roof reinforces the notion of this space as a void between the more solid building to either side. Within the hall is a sculptured helical stair which offers a revolving view of Clifton Drive and the sea as one either ascends or descends through the dwelling.

The landscaping of the garden reinforces the organisational arrangement of the dwelling. A water garden extends into the garden on axis with the entrance hall. Limestone extends out to form a ground floor sitting area, blurring the edge between house and garden. Simple lawned terraces, edged with limestone, extend towards the dunes.