Mynshull House,


CTP Ltd.

Situated directly adjacent to Manchester Cathedral, the site is located within the heart of the medieval quarter of Manchester on the northwest edge of the city. Falling within the Cathedral’s Conversation Area the site comprises an open area and two existing buildings, Mynshull House, which is Grade II Listed and Britannic Buildings. Also, directly adjacent at the level of medieval Manchester are two masonry arches called Hanging Bridge, Manchester’s only Ancient Scheduled Monument.

The scheme is of mixed use, consisting of office, retail and residential accommodation. The residential element involves the refurbishment of Britannic Buildings creating four residential units with retail area at street level. The office accommodation creates four levels including the refurbishment of Mynshull House and the creation of a new extension. Retail facilities will also exist at street level.

The mixed use scheme seeks to preserve and enhance the character of the historical context whilst creating a vitality of its own. The two existing buildings on the site both have an individual character sitting juxtaposed together, however, forming a cohesive appearance on the site. The scheme seeks to continue this theme, with the new extension being conceived as a highly glazed individual element, being a product of its time, whilst, contributing to the cohesive hole.