Kiosk Piccadilly Gardens,


Argent Estates

The kiosk as a retail unit is a response to the busy and intense lifestyle of people in the modern city and, conversely, borrows from traditional values of market and kiosk stalls. For example the kiosk offers the public a ‘quick-stop’ opportunity to purchase a newspaper or grab a ‘snack-to-go’. Other diverse uses are also possible. For example Greater Manchester Police have expressed an interest in occupying a kiosk as a police station ‘control-box’ again taking precedent from tradition but interpreted in a contemporary way to reflect today’s cultural needs.

The cabin is clad in a robust composite copper panel and is clearly articulated to define the panelled nature of this sculptural box. The base is of durable aluminium and has inset LED luminaries to highlight the copper. The lockable copper door opens up to reveal a serving hatch and forms a canopy over akin to an awning over a traditional kiosk or market stall. Around the copper is a delicately detailed ‘cage’ from stainless steel angles and mesh that can be automatically controlled to elevate above the copper box. The cage provides a framework for signage and advertisements backlit by the inset lighting. Capping the cage is lightbox which, when in the elevated position, will act as a beacon appearing to hover above the existing curved concrete pavilion wall as designed by Tadao Ando. At night the cage can be lowered to give a secondary level of security.