Fishdock Victoria Station,


CTP Ltd. / Development Securities

This masterplan competition, proposed in conjunction with Allies and Morrison, was for the former Fishdock between Victoria Station (whose refurbished formed part of the proposal) and Corporation Street in Manchester.

The considerable level change across the site was optimised by establishing a new ground plane / datum level with the inner ring road to the north east. The principal office buildings were located at this level. The medieval street of Long Millgate was retained at its lower level with feathered steps and landings mediating between the two. Most buildings and entrances faced onto the public realm so formed.

Beneath this new plane was located car parking on two and a half levels accessed from the ring road, at the northern end of the site, together with a building servicing dock. The individual building plots were set out with two cross streets between them. One of these was intended to be used to access down to the Metrolink platforms and the station, and the other up to make a potential bridge connection to the multi-storey car park at the junction of New Bridge Street.

Two additional pavilion office buildings were proposed for the island site between Long Millgate and Corporation Street, declining both and facing the finely detailed Co-operative Society buildings opposite.

At the northern end of the site a tall residential building and hotel shared a more secluded garden space positioned on an upper level and access via a ramp positioned under a colonnade to the hotel.

In total, the development delivered approximately 37,000m2 of offices, 17,000 m2 of residential, 2,000m2 of retail and 11,000m2 of hotel accommodation.