43 - 47 Piccadilly Gardens,



The scheme proposes the demolition of 43 – 45 Piccadilly to make way for a new extension on the corner of Lever Street and Piccadilly Gardens. Within the basement, new car park accommodation is created with retail space above on the ground floor that addresses Lever Street and Piccadilly Gardens. Seven levels of open plan office accommodation (26340 ft2 net) is situated above ground.

The extension has been carefully considered, controlling the impact on its surroundings complimenting and addressing the Grade II listed 47 Piccadilly, while positively contributing to the Conservation Area. Conceptually the extension is conceived as an individual building, a product of its time with a character of its own.

The form and massing are a product of the dialogue between its surroundings and internal programme and can be primarily perceived in its three functional elements. From Lever Street, the extension continues the theme of providing a visual connection to Number One Piccadilly and Piccadilly Plaza beyond. From Piccadilly Gardens, the extension addresses the site’s potential as an important corner site. The extension provides a powerful visual marker within Piccadilly Gardens and affords important markers from Market Street, Mosley Street and Portland Street approaches. The extension also contributes to the diversity in massing and architectural styles found within the northern street wall that addresses Piccadilly Gardens, while materially addressing the Georgian facade of 47 Piccadilly.