SGI Studios


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The practice is committed to design excellence, producing thoughtful and sensitive solutions within commercial constraints.

The work seeks a future in the extension and transformation of the modern tradition wherein recurring themes of space, composition of form, proportion, light and materiality are explored within a strong framework which is concerned with context and the making of functional buildings.

The particular qualities of the practice may be summarised thus:

+ The ability to establish close and pro-active working relationships with clients, consultants and contractors

+ A flexible structure and ability to deliver to tight deadlines

+ A clear understanding as to the nature and means of consultations during brief assimilation and early stages of the design process

+ The ability to generate clear and imaginative solutions within determined commercial constraints

+ Stephen Hodder is actively involved in each project ensuring an essential direct line of communication between practice and clients and a clear direction. Flexible teams are led by project associates who are responsible for the delivery of each project. Involvement at the highest level is guaranteed from inception to completion

+ The synthesis of meticulous and rigorous detail both in performance and at an aesthetic level

+ A comprehensive knowledge of working methods and contract

+ Full awareness of responsibilities as team leader

+ Enthusiasm